Greetings every one!!!
My name is Ady Ruchiatan. My hobby is taking care of
rams, in Indonesia are called domba adu. Related to
Sundanese traditional culture, domba adu are used for
participating and competing in an event called adu
domba (rams fighting). We usually use domba Garut in
this kind of event. The further explanation regarding
why domba Garut were chosen will be explained in a
history section.
There are many kinds of domba adu based on color,
body size, and horn's form. Therefore, it is not easy to
learn how to breed the best quality of domba adu. It
needs time and efforts to develop the best quality of
rams. Now, there is an organization called HPDKI, the
Indonesian Lamb and Goat Breeder Organization, that
takes care all of the things related to lamb, goat,
sheep, and many more.
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We now have about 30 domba Garut in our farms. We are using a microchip ID for
identification purposes beside the certificate issued by our farm. We are the first farm
using microchip ID in Indonesia. The reason we are using this identification is because we
do not want any other breeders or hobbyist to claim that they have our lines of rams. We
will be supplying the identification purposes and issuing a certificate for breeders or
hobbyist that are using our rams as studs.
Even though we have HPDKI, it seems that the organizations has not done the best yet
for its member. According to rumors, the committee were only doing business for their
personal interests. Not all of them, but most of them. We will see what happens later on.
Hope that every thing will be getting better...gradually.  
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